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HTML controled ServoBlaster Pan Tilt servos

Snap 2016-01-29 at 16.12.26I spend lot of time trying to build a web based interface to control two servomotors (pan and tilt) using ServoBlaster  and Raspberry PI. I just wanted to share with you the result and hopefully it will help someone in the furture…

You can found the assemply of the servos here but this post is … Read the rest

Autonomous and Automatic Watering using Arduino and domoticz

arrosage (18)Today I will talk about my latest home automation / geek invention.

In short: This is an autonomous and automatic watering system that works with solar and rainwater collection tank. This instalation works with an Arduino Nano USB board and various sensors and RF modules. Everything is controled and sheduled using my central domoticz on … Read the rest

Oregon sensor device simulation using Arduino

You will find bellow all the component you will need to build one sensor which will simulate an oregon sensor device. This sensor will be identified as an oregon sensor by RFxcom and domoticz. Total cost : 7€ (if you already have RFXCom and Rasberry)

1 Atmega328 1 Ceramic Resonator ZTT 16.00mx some resistors 1… Read the rest