Oregon sensor device simulation using Arduino

You will find bellow all the component you will need to build one sensor which will simulate an oregon sensor device. This sensor will be identified as an oregon sensor by RFxcom and domoticz. Total cost : 7€ (if you already have RFXCom and Rasberry)

  • 1 Atmega328
  • 1 Ceramic Resonator ZTT 16.00mx
  • some resistors
  • 1 Digital Thermal  Sensor DS18B20
  • 1 433Mhz Radio RF transmitter

Step 1 build the sensor 

To build this temperature sensor you will find all steps in the realy intersting blog here: how to build a temperature sensor for 7€.

Step 2 : the code 

I will not connect a 433Mhz receiver on my raspberry as Idleman, I have already purchased a USB Module RFXCOM and wish well rentabilier it. So I found on the site connectingstuff.net a code that will allow to simulate an Oregon frame sensor [Ref : Protocoles Oregon Scientific et Arduino : Encodage] with the sensor that we have just  build on step 1.

Download my complete code here : RF Oregon Transmiter

Step 3 : domoticz setup 

If everiting works well for step 1 and 2 you shoudl be able to see in the device tab in domoticz a new “Temp” device with sub-type “THC238/268, THN132, THWR288, THRN122, THN122, AW129/131” :


You just need to add it to add it to your device :

End of the tuto:)

Hope you enjoy it ! Give a comment if it is the case 🙂

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