Autonomous and Automatic Watering using Arduino and domoticz

arrosage (18)Today I will talk about my latest home automation / geek invention.

In short: This is an autonomous and automatic watering system that works with solar and rainwater collection tank. This instalation works with an Arduino Nano USB board and various sensors and RF modules. Everything is controled and sheduled using my central domoticz on Raspberry B + with a RFXCOM for RF communication.

Purpose: The purpose of this stuff  is to automatically water my little piece of vegetable garden depending on the temperature of the day, the last rains, the water level of the tank, level of battery and rain forecast in the commings hours.

My references: Of course I am not the first one to start this adventure. I found a lot of people on the internet who explained in detail the assembly with similar constraints.

Anyway today it is my turn to make the job and detail my setup … Hopefully i will be usefull for someone else too…?

Newt arctcle will detail the devices used (under consruction)

Are you interested in this topic ? Then leave a comment, it’s always fun 🙂

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